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Having built and restored a number of VW and Porsche classic cars, spending time visiting stores or looking online for the right fixing (nut, bolt, washer or screw), it was felt a single resource for such things could be a good idea. Retailers rarely share the specifics of any given fixing, for whatever reason, putting you in a position of having to 'buy to try'. Hopefully we can help remove that frustration and give you the confidence of buying right first time.

Why 'Fixing' and not 'Fastener'?

Well, they're often confused and considered interchangeable so we went with the easiest to spell and it rolls off the tongue nicer too, that's why :)

The site is currently in 'beta' stage whilst we determine exactly how best to serve our users. We have lots of plans to expand and be assured we're monitoring traffic to prioritise development.

We rely on 'the community' to help us grow the site and welcome any information on fixings you can share with us.

All the best for your project
Andy Steeple
Site owner

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